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Work in harmony with your clients to bring together financials and business process

- with Technology Management & Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud


Business has changed, because people have changed.

Think about how we once dealt with our banks. We would abide by schedules so strict that we coined the term “bankers’ hours”.

We had to physically travel to a bank to make a deposit or a withdrawal. Our account details were printed in a paper booklet.

All of this has changed.

Now we bank from the bus. We work from home. We shop from anywhere, anytime. We want up-to-date information 24/7.

  1. Meet Demands
  2. Work Smarter
  3. Be Connected

Meet Demands

Your clients, now more than ever, need today’s accountants to become tomorrow’s business advisors.

Although the requirement for a statutory audit is being reduced, the need for accurate, real-time data to help steer SME businesses in today’s competitive environment is still vital, and your place in this changing business landscape as a trusted, indispensable business advisor is crucial.

Enable your clients to focus on their business transaction, whist safe in the knowledge that all the correct processes to maintain that all important data are being rigorously followed.

Work Smarter

Get more from your day

To make the day-to-day for your clients slicker, more streamlined and productive is a win for both parties and using modern system to help alleviate some of the financial manual processing and chasing for both sides is always going to improve your supplier/customer relationship.

Become an expert in the services required by your clients and champion the tools that help them to automate; so you can spend more of your time helping with the strategic planning and offering your clients the insights behind the numbers.

Be Connected

Any time, any where

In a fully connected world, where being able to trade on any platform is necessary, your clients need to be ready to provide the data required with minimum effort and zero delays.

And instead of having to work with the business software your client’s IT Partner has implemented, why not take on that opportunity and revenue for yourself – supported by Microsoft and one of their most trusted partners.


Be fit for the journey

Retain your clients through every step of their business journey.

No one has a better knowledge and the proven skills to help your clients with their important data, therefore we know you have the analytical skills to help them get their processes in order too.

After all, you already handle their yearly accounts and potentially their month ends too – so all you have to do is help to shorten the cycle and come in at the beginning of the sequence – as opposed to the end.

Be there when your clients in-house, or basic package accounting software, is singing its swan song. Step up and be in a position to offer the tools your clients need.

Keep the responsibility and retain your clients through every step of their business journey by offering accounting and business management software they’ll never outgrow.

The Microsoft Advantage

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 supported by one of its most trusted partners, Technology Management, you will have everything you need to play a key part in the initial implementation of the business application as well as a stake in the on-going operational costs.

Dynamics 365 is designed for businesses with 1-250 users and is a proven solution for organisations in the UK. Based on core business functionalities including financials, sales & purchase, stock control, manufacturing and service, there are already over 390,000 organisations worldwide who rely on it to completely manage their business operations and finances.

And in partnering Technology Management, you and your team will have access to the expertise you need to assure your clients that this is a risk-free option. Technology Management have been one of the UK’s leading Dynamics partners for SME’s since 1996 and have all the in-house expertise and knowledge to support you every step of the way with a huge client roster from giants like Carillion, to award winning growth companies such as Bounce Foods, Carvers and Walsall Security Printers.

The cloud solution for Microsoft was a much more cost-effective way for Bounce Foods to purchase the software.

We’ve got a monthly rental, and it allows to us to scale the business in-line with our fast growth.

Mark Tanous
COO Bounce Europe Ltd

Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 solutions enable this organisation to deliver its animal welfare work in a way that maximises impact for animals and delivers our resources in the most cost effective way.

Simeon Lewis
World Animal Protection

The integrated solution of Microsoft Dynamics gives us modern, easy to use software to manage all our projects from initial quotation through to successful delivery and ongoing maintenance/support.

Keith Bailey
Summit Systems


simple ways

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adds value to your business with Technology Management.

More than just finance – the solution for when your clients’ entry level solutions run out of steam

Many small and mid-sized companies reach a tipping point when the very tools that supported business growth in the beginning, start to become a cumbersome block to insight and decision making.

With Dynamics 365, you get a proven solution suitable for 1 user to 300 users. You can start with just the accounting functions, then add capabilities for all your core business functions through to eCommerce, EDI and paperless warehousing as and when its required.

As your clients grow, your service offerings grow with them.

It’s easy to use

Dynamics 365 works from within Outlook - the tool your clients already use each and every day. With the ability to create sales documents and invoices straight from emails or appointments in Outlook, people enjoy the benefits right from the get go!

Easy to use also means easier to sell!

Access anywhere, any time

Delivered in the Microsoft cloud, Dynamics 365 gives you access to the information you need, when you need it.

Use it to help you work faster and more efficiently in your own organisation – just log in whenever and wherever for a real-time view of client data.

Give clients the information they need to improve decision making and grow their operations whist maintaining a key strategic advisory role.

Rely on Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are being used around the world by more than 390,000 companies and almost 10 million people every day – that’s a pretty high endorsement.

Fully hosted in the Cloud, users can review business performance anytime, anywhere, with any device. The Cloud gives you and your clients access to all company information from a highly secure location and keep costs for hosting and technical support to the absolute minimum.

Businesses evolve, grow and change over time

Protect your client base with a business solution that doesn't need to change - Microsoft Dynamics 365

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